SEO Training Course

A Search Engine Optimisation Masterclass

Within the vast majority of organisations organic search is responsible for the lion’s share of website traffic and conversions. Yet due to the perceived complexity and ever changing rules Search Engine Optimisation is often not used to its full potential.

The SEO Training Course provides a comprehensive overview of the SEO tactics that make a true difference as well as the tools involved. Participants will walk away with the knowledge and skills to optimise their on-page content, build links effectively and meet technical SEO requirements.

SEO training course programme

• The importance of SEO
• Main SEO trends

Into the algorithm
• How search engines work
• Overview of algorithm revisions
• Selecting your SEO toolkit

On-page optimisation
• Keyword research methods and the tools involved
• Optimising HTML: titles, descriptions and image tags
• Optimising content: page headers, body copy and anchor text
• Easy identification of improvement areas by performing a site audit

Off-page optimisation
• Different link building strategies and tactics
• Overview of link profile analysis tools
• Identifying new link building targets through competitor backlink analysis
• Improving link profile health

Technical optimisation
• The use of robots.txt files and sitemaps
• How to optimize your site structure for maximum link juice transfer
• Solving 404 errors, fixing broken links and 301 redirects
• Optimising for mobile-first and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
• Improving page load speed
• The importance of a secure site and preferred domain
• Future proofing your SEO implementation by adding structured data

Last but not least…
• SEO measurement
• SEO resources