Google Analytics Training Course

Google Analytics Fundamentals for Marketing and Communications

Around 80% of companies use Google Analytics to measure their online performance. In practice this often means the tool is implemented and data are pouring in, but users do not succeed in generating actionable insights. If you are asking yourself the question “so now what?”, then this Google Analytics Fundamentals training course is for you.

Through theory and hands-on exercises this full-day training course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to confidently navigate the Google Analytics user interface in order to derive actionable insights for your online marketing and website performance.

Attend this course if you:

  • need to understand visitors, web content performance, traffic sources and campaign ROI
  • need to generate actionable insight from Google Analytics but don’t know where to start
  • have limited Google Analytics experience and want to become more proficient
  • previously used Google Analytics but need an update on the new user interface

Participants should bring a laptop !

 Google Analytics training course programme

Introducing Google Analytics

  • A structured approach to web analytics
  • How Google Analytics JavaScript tracking works
  • Google Analytics terminology and definitions
  • Navigating reports

Google Analytics administration

  • User management
  • Use of data filters
  • Integrating paid search data from Google AdWords
  • Integrating organic search data from Google’s Search Console
  • Measuring on site search usage and search terms
  • Using Google Analytics data to drive remarketing campaigns
  • E-commerce measurement
  • Tracking conversions with goals and funnels

Visitor reporting

  • Demographics and interest reports
  • Geo reports
  • Visitor engagement reports
  • Device reports
  • Analysing visitor journeys with User Flow charts

Acquisition reporting

  • Measuring online marketing campaigns using campaign tracking parameters
  • Measuring organic and paid search
  • Analyzing your AdWords performance
  • Social media traffic and conversions reporting
  • Measuring share button usage with Google Analytics

Behaviour reporting

  • Content performance reports
  • Site speed reports
  • Onsite search activity
  • Tracking on page events (button clicks, link clicks, downloads etc.)
  • Tracking embedded video (YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove)
  • In-Page Analytics “heat maps”

Measuring Online Success

  • Analysing goal performance
  • Conversion funnel visualisation
  • E-commerce reports overview


  • Building dashboards using dashboard widgets
  • Auto scheduling dashboards

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