You have been using Google Analytics for a while now to perform basic reporting tasks. But you know there’s more to Google Analytics and you are ready to take it to the next level.

The Advanced Google Analytics training will provide you with a good understanding of the various tracking codes involved in Google Analytics and essential advanced reporting features. You will also come away with a methodology and techniques to improve your traffic sources and website content through testing.

Participants should bring a laptop in order to perform exercises that are part of the course.


Universal Analytics vs. Google Analytics

  • What has changed and what hasn’t ?
  • Switching from Google Analytics to Universal Analytics

Measurement code configuration

  • Subdomain tracking and cross-domain tracking
  • Event tracking for measuring downloads, link clicks and video engagement
  • Social interaction tracking for measuring content sharing
  • E-commerce measurement (Basic + Enhanced)
  • Site speed tracking
  • Using Advertising Features to enable Demographics and Interests reporting
  • Enabling data overlays with In-page analytics
  • Cross-device measurement with user login tracking
  • Custom dimensions and custom metrics
  • Filtering bots, spiders and spam traffic

Google Tag Manager

  • What is Tag Management ?
  • Implementing Google Analytics tracking via Google Tag Manager

Using Google Tag Assistant

Advanced reporting

  • Advanced segmentation
  • Custom reports
  • Automating Google Analytics reporting in Excel
  • Regex code for use in filters, segments and searches

Multi-channel funnels & attribution modelling

  • Getting to grips with multi-channel funnel reporting
  • Understanding attribution modelling
  • 7 different attribution models

A/B testing with Google Analytics

  • The testing process
  • From good to great: testing examples
  • Content Experiments in Google Analytics
  • How good is your testing intuition ?

Voice of Customer (VoC) measurement in Google Analytics

  • What is VoC ?
  • Integrating VoC measurement with Google Analytics



What you will learn

  • How to switch to Universal Analytics and why
  • Customising the tracking code to your specific needs
  • Implementing analytics tags yourself through Google Tag Manager
  • Segmenting reports to facilitate deeper understanding and insights
  • Building your own custom reports
  • Automating web statistics reporting in Excel
  • Understanding the impact of multi-channel visitors and attribution modelling
  • The power of website surveys
  • Improving traffic, content and conversion through testing

Who should attend ?

This course is typically attended by:

  • website owners
  • (digital) marketeers
  • content editors
  • social media executives
  • PR & communications staff

Attend this course if you:

  • need to ensure data accuracy and translate Google Analytics data into advanced reports and insights
  • you know your way around most of the standard reports and you’re ready to become an advanced Google Analytics user
  • previously attended the Google Analytics Fundamentals training

Participants should bring a laptop !


With nearly 20 years of experience Remco van der Beek is a true digital marketing and analytics veteran. He was a senior consultant at Europe’s leading web analytics vendor Nedstat (now comScore) and since 2007 he has been running his own Brussels-based web analytics consultancy. Over the years Remco has consulted with a wide variety of clients in the Benelux and UK including Gamma, Telenet, Mobistar, Bridgestone Europe, Connections, Cargill and De Persgroep.

Remco is also a web analytics trainer at Emarketeers, the UK’s foremost digital marketing training organization.