We are an un-agency. We offer many of the same services as digital agencies do, with  a few very important differences:

  • Speed & agility: Due to our flat structure we react to client requests or questions within a couple of hours.
  • No hand-overs: We don’t charge senior rates for work done by juniors. Our senior professionals are your single point of contact from intake to delivery.
  • No overhead: We don’t have company cars or shiny facilities. Our lean structure means our prices are very competitive.
  • Passion: What we do goes far beyond just doing our job. Our heartfelt passion translates into the quality of what we deliver to you.

Who we are

Remco van der Beek


Remco has over 15 years experience in digital marketing and analytics. He has deep knowledge of attracting and converting website traffic through various digital marketing channels.

Remco understood the importance of ROI measurement early on and furthered his career as a digital analytics consultant at Nedstat/comScore (now Adobe), to found Engage Digital in 2007.

Since, he has worked with organisations large and small as well as with agencies. His track record features companies such as Orange, Bridgestone Europe, Cargill, Cathay Pacific, LBi and many others.

Remco is also a trainer with London-based Emarketeers and he even addressed a United Nations WTO conference.

Contact: remco@engage-digital.eu


Bert Stephani

bert stephani

Bert is a commercial and editorial photographer/videographer who specialises in lifestyle impressions.

His passion is to harness authentic experiences rather than fake glamour. His style is often a bit rough around the edges (just like life itself), whilst paying attention to technical mastery.

Bert loves to share information and knowledge with others. Workshops, lectures and speaking engagements bring him all over the world.

Contact: bert@engage-digital.eu


Olivier De Keyser

Olivier B&WOlivier helps teams and decision makers to translate their data into actionable insights and business recommendations to reach their key objectives.

He is a data & business analyst with more than 12 years’ experience – more particularly in the field of web analytics, web marketing and sales/marketing effectiveness.

Olivier combines in-depth knowledge of his client’s business goals, strategies, and their competitive landscape with a rich background in various fields to deliver effective recommendations.

Mickael van der Beek

mickael van der beek

Mickael is an extremely talented web & security developer.

He is on top of the latest technology and enjoys contributing to open-source projects.

Mickael has worked for multiple digital start-ups and is the developer of an SEO crawling tool for Woorank.

At Engage Digital Mickael is the go-to person for any coding issues we run into.