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Google introduces Google Tag Manager

While I was teaching web analytics at Emarketeers in London this week I completely missed the announcement of the Google Tag Manager.

For those of you who are not familiar with tag management : tag management solutions allow you to consolidate all your tags outside of your actual website by means of a web-based container tag. This generates one piece of code that houses all your tags. Think of web analytics tags, affiliate marketing tags, remarketing tags, ad platform tags etc..


Until now enterprise tag management systems such as Tealium or Tagman were a bridge too far for many website owners because of their price. 5 to 6 figure Euro amounts are not unusual for enterprise tag management solutions.

Google being Google, it has announced a free tag management solution which handles both Google and non-Google tags. This could seriously change the tag management industry.

Here’s what some subject matter experts have to say on this : http://econsultancy.com/be/blog/10815-will-google-tag-manager-shake-up-the-industry

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